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Animals and The Urban

S1E2 - 2 - Poster (Legal Subjects).png
S3E2 - 2 - Poster (Pervasive Captivity).
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S3E8 - 2 - Poster (Urban Animal History).png
S1E2 - 2 - Poster (Legal Subjects).png
S3E3 - 2 - Poster (Invisibilized Animals
S3E6 - 2 - Poster (Informality).png
S3E9 - 2 - Poster (Red-Design).png
S3E1 - 2 - Poster (Right to the City).pn
S3E4 - 2 - Poster (Urban Biopolitics).pn
S3E7 - 2 - Poster (Multispecies Commons).png
S3E10 - 2 - Poster.png

In Season 3 of the Animal Turn, Claudia speaks to scholars from sociology, geography and philosophy about concepts pertaining to 'The Urban' and how we can understand animals in relation to the city.

In this Season Claudia hopes to unravel some how 'the urban' is thought of as a space and some of the work that is being done to challenge its conception as an only (or primarily) human space. Concepts will help listeners to think about the city in a new way and possibly point to the ways in which different animals are positioned in relation to the city. Considering that the world is increasingly urbanised and that this is where most human consumption takes place this is a critical area of focus for animal studies scholars.


The upcoming concepts in focus include: Rights to the city, invisibilized animals, informality, urban biopolitics, multi-species commons, urban animal history, urban metabolism and re-design

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