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S3E2: Pervasive Captivity with Nicolas Delon

In this episode Claudia talks to Nicholas Delon about ‘pervasive captivity’. Moving beyond a conception of captivity as only including those ‘behind bars’, they explore the many ways in which ‘the urban’ might operate to make animals captive by limiting their mobility and autonomy.

About Nicolas Delon

 Nicolas Delon is Assistant Professor or philosophy and environmental studies at New College of Florida. He specializes in animal ethics, with particular interests in moral status and animal agency. He has published on these topics as well as the ethics of killing animals, urban animals, wild animal suffering, and Nietzsche, among other things. He’s currently working on a book project about animals and the moral community of persons.


Check out his website ( or connect with him on Twitter (@NicoDelon)

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Recorded 15 March 2021

Nicolas Delon

Featured Readings:

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