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S3E10:  Grad Review with Anmol Chowdhury and Shubhangi Srivastava

Claudia reviews Season 3 with Shubhangi Srivastava and Anmol Chowdhury, currently PhD Candidates in the ERC funded project titled Urban Ecologies. Together they talk about some of the gaps in the season, primarily discussions about methods, and they delve into some of the overlapping themes in the season including management, entanglement, power, and aesthetics.  

About Shubhangi Srivastava

 Shubhangi Srivastava is currently a doctoral research scholar with the ERC Grant project, Urban Ecologies, at the National Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS), Bangalore. Her doctoral research is centred around studying the ecological, political and socio-economic dimensions related to human-dog relationship in the context of urban India. Shubhangi has been working towards combined methods of ethnography and ethology to study nonhuman animal living in the urban. Central to her work are the ideas of beastly places and the politics around the urban animals in India. She developed an interest in human-animal relations during the course of her M.Phil. in Anthropology from University of Delhi, where she worked on the human-macaque conflicts in Northern India, looking at the cultural and religious aspects of the relationship. She can be reached on her email or on twitter @Shubhangi1057.

Shubhangi Srivastava

About Anmol Chowdhury

 Anmol Chowdhury is currently working in the Urban Ecologies Project (funded by ERC) at the National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore, India looking at lives of macaques in urban India. Through their work, they are attempting a conversation between ethnographic and ethological perspectives of thinking about animals. Their other interests include gender and queer theory, geopolitics of  Kashmir, folk music and traditional foods. Email address (

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Recorded 25 August 2021

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