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About The Logo 

Claudia met Jeremy John while cycling through China with her husband, Oliver. They became firm friends and ended up cycling with each other through the Mongolian Steppe. Jeremy is a gifted photographer and digital designer so Claudia knew exactly who to talk to when she wanted a logo for her show! Because Claudia's thesis is on cows she knew she wanted cows in the logo. The rest is Jeremy's genius. Check out Jeremy's awesome website and Instagram account. 

Jeremy John

"Few things have made me more happy than a recent video of a cow playing with a bouncy ball, uncannily similar to a puppy. For the logo, I wanted to capture some of this playful and joyous energy, which I achieved with the final, carefree, skipping character that also acts as a speech bubble. Also, the laurels imply that this now emancipated cow, is finally being listened to.”
- Jeremy John

About the Website

Claudia built this website on the platform Wix - none of the templates really had the feeling she was going for so she tinkered away at building this website. Chances are there are a couple of mistakes and deadlinks - we hope not, but if you find a mistake please drop us a mail so that we can fix it. The website is meant to be a supplementary space to the podcast itself, offering extra resources to listeners but there is room for it to grow too - like maybe having an art corner of sorts!

Making sure that animals were present on each page - even if only as artistic representations p is an important feature of this website and most of the art work you currently see is made available through Wix and their numerous illustrations and vector art. We want to say a big thank you to the artists whose names we don't know but whose images bring the pages of these website to life. Thank you!

If you are an artist working on animals and have a project you would like to feature on the website, drop Claudia an email to discuss details. 

"Art and Visuals are an important way of getting to know animals and of seeing them. The podcast is an auditory platform and often requires listeners imagination and attentiveness in a different way to how visual art makes animals seen, or thought about. It was important for me that there were animals on every page. In the end, I chose these illustrations because of their aesthetic appeal but also because of the sometimes transgressive ways animals are depicted. Art has the potential to creatively challenge the human-animal divide in really interesting ways. ”
- Claudia Hirtenfelder

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