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'The Animal Turn' is full of rich theoretical and methodological conversations that help us to grapple with the complexity of the field and how we can know animals. However we can sometimes, paradoxically, lose sight of animals in these conversations. To mitigate this Claudia launched "Animal Highlights" at the end of every episode. These are 5-15 minute clips that focus on animals themselves and try to highlight aspects of their lives or why they are amazing. The highlights are coupled with related videos on YouTube! 

In 2024 The Animal Highlight launched as a sister podcast. Each season is set around a particular theme and Claudia co-hosts often join Claudia to help her navigate the significance of that theme for and about specific animals. 

 Season 4's Animal Highlights are done by Hannah Hunter, a PhD Candidate at the Sonic Arts of Place Laboratory at Queen's University. Her research explores the intersections of animals, sounds, and extinction through the case study of the Ivory-billed Woodpecker. Hannah is particularly interested in how we can build relationships with distant and lost beings through sound, and how sound may be a potent force for representing and challenging the sixth mass extinction. 


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