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S1E2: Legal Subjects with Lesli Bisgould

About Lesli Bisgould

Lesli Bisgould was an adjunct professor at the University of Toronto for more than ten years and is currently the Barrister at Legal Aid Ontario’s Clinic Resource Office where she assists caseworkers at Ontario’s community legal clinics with their complex appeals. She worked for several years at a Toronto litigation firm, then left to start her own practice in animal rights law. For ten years, she acted for individuals and organizations in a variety of animal-related cases in the first practice of its kind in Canada.  She now works in the poverty and human rights fields as well. She has argued at every level of court and has deputed before government bodies and committees at every level of government. Bisgould is the author of Introduction to Animals and the Law (2011), the first Canadian law text on the subject, and a contributor to Canadian Perspectives on Animals and the Law (2015), both published by Irwin Law.


Read more about Lesli here. 

Claudia talks with Lesli Bisgould about ‘Animal Subjects’. They consider what it means to be a subject of the law and the extent to which animals, particularly animals in Canada, could be considered as such.

Lesli Bisgould

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Recorded 24 January 2020


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