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Upcoming Event: Animals in Media

Together with Arukah Animal International, The Animal Turn is proud to be co-hosting a panel discussion focused on "Animals in Media". Using the below video as a prompt, Claire Parkinson, Susan McHugh, and Tobias Linné will engage in an online conversation about animals and popular media. Moderated by myself, the open-ended parley will touch on matters related to hierarchization, representation, power, and activism. It will be streamed live on Wednesday the 22nd of May (18:30 CEST). You can register to attend here.

This video was produced as part of the "Biosecurities Urban Governance Research Collective" under the supervision of Dr. Carolyn Prouse and together with Claudia Hirtenfelder, Caitlin Hayes and Sarah Abdella. It was made possible through a Queen's University Catalyst Grant and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Insight Grant.

Want to learn more about our panelists? Check out their bios below:

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