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March Events

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

Please see below a list of events for March and as always feel free to let me know about any others I might have missed so that I can add them here and/or in our events calendar. If you attend any of these events and feel like writing a blog post about them feel free to reach out :)

2 March 2022: AHG Book Club

The Animal History Book Club will be reading 'Leech', by Neil Pemberton and Robert G. W. Kirk.

2 March 2022: Photographing Animals Used for Entertainment

Fourth Episode on Instagram:

7-10 March 2022: Animal Law Week

A virtual event with everything related to animal law

16 March 2022: Bearing Witness: Animal Loss and the Anthropocene

17-18 March: Emerging Voices for Animals in Tourism: Virtual Conference

16 March 2022: AHG Seminar - Market Metropolis: Cattle and the Making of Dublin

"This talk will examine the role of cattle and associated trades in the development of Dublin during the nineteenth century. The great swing to cattle grazing after the Great Famine has been well-studied and continues to shape Irish agriculture today. However, little consideration is often given to the impact of this trade and, of cattle as animals, on the capital city. The paper will look at the decision to retain the live cattle market within the city in the 1860s and the impacts of this on socio-economic geography, environment and culture. Thousands of cattle passed through the city each week and the need to accommodate this flow of animals changed Dublin in specific ways. The 'second city' of the British Empire became the largest market of the United Kingdom, funnelling animals to the fields and tables of its nearest neighbour and transforming lives and livelihoods."

31 March 2022: Call for Visiting Research Fellows

"The Cambridge Centre of African Studies invites applications for two Visiting Research Fellowships from candidates in all disciplines in the humanities and social sciences. The aim of the Fellowships is to enable the fellows to focus on a period of research and writing in Cambridge."

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