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April Events

Please see below a list of events for April and as always feel free to let me know about any others I might have missed so that I can add them here and/or in our events calendar. If you attend any of these events and feel like writing a blog post about them feel free to reach out :)

7 April 2022: ‘Why climate crisis rhetoric is not helping animal advocacy’

Hosted by the Centre for Human Animal Studies - "This talk will explore whether animal advocacy is losing momentum and strength by using, focusing or merging with the climate crisis action and rhetoric. The climate focus, it will be argued, is not only failing to speed up animal liberation but may be actually disempowering the animal defence movement. To support this view, the author will draw on three main resources: First, results from a research project she coordinated for almost five years about climate change denial and obstructionism; Second, updated thoughts on an examination conducted regarding the effectivity of the environmental frame for animal defence; Third, her current investigation on what triggers compassion, a moral emotion essential for taking action. One of the main concerns addressed by the talk will be the fact that climate action rhetoric has become mainstream empty speech in current tecno-financialised capitalism, which leads to solutions that may just backfire on sentient animal interests."

13 April 2022: A Convention on Animal Protection to Prevent Future Pandemics

"Join this panel of attorneys and academics as they discuss how a newly proposed treaty, the Convention on Animal Protection for Public Health, Animal Welfare, and the Environment (CAP), not only holds the promise of being humanity's first and best line of defence against future pandemics by creating a universal platform for animal protection but would also recognise that animals, as sentient beings, deserve to have their well-being accounted for." A Youtube Live Stream by the Global Research Network -

13 April 2022: The Role of Eels in medieval English cultural identity

A virtual seminar hosted by the Animal History Group - "The medieval English ate an enormous quantity of eels; millions of the fish passed through the land’s trade routes each year, and for much of the Middle Ages landlords in the country collected hundreds of thousands more eels per year as a form of in-kind rent. Eels were a food that cut across lines of class, wealth, and station, with everyone from kings to peasants eating and enjoying them on a regular basis. For much of the medieval and early modern periods, the fish served as a touchstone of English identity. The common insular taste for eels predated shared religion or language, and their prominence is one of the first items mentioned in Bede’s Historia Ecclesiastica. More than any other European culture, the English were an eel people. This presentation will examine the connections between eels and medieval Englishness, looking at sources such as Wulfstan’s eleventh-century Life of St. Æthelwold, the Bayeux tapestry, and Thomas Bradwardine’s fourteenth-century De Memoria Artificiali, as well as looking at familial associations and heraldry, and ties between eel and spatial identity. Taken together, these points will argue for eels as an under-considered component of the medieval English sense of personal and corporate self."

15 April 2022: Call for Proposals - Queering the Environment

They seek proposals that incorporate the prompts of Unruliness, Care, and/or Pleasure.

15 April 2022: CFA Postdoctoral Research Fellowship

The fellowship is open to applicants whose research is on environmental and animal ethics, broadly conceived.

20 April 2022: Why Animal Rights is a Humanist Issue

22 April 2022: Call for Greenhouse Green Transitions Fellows

"The Greenhouse environmental humanities group at the University of Stavanger is organizing a year-long program in 2022/23 on Green Transitions seen through the lens of the environmental arts and humanities. The keystone of the program is an international art/science workshop leading to a book and exhibition on Green Transitions, paired with scholar and artist residencies in Stavanger."

22 April 2022: Why Animal Culture Matters for Animal Welfare Policy by Kristin Andrews

"In this talk, Kristin Andrews will discuss why animal culture matters for animal welfare policy. The growing recognition that other animals, like humans, are cultural beings invites us to take a fresh look at what counts as welfare for captive animals. When cultural capacities and practices important to captive animals are impeded or disrupted intentionally (because they appear “abnormal” or threaten health) or unintentionally (because they are not noticed) animal welfare can be negatively impacted. Given animal culture, good behavioral management will include a different way of looking at animals’ social relationships, a different way of looking at enrichment, and an appreciation of the community’s (perhaps distributed) body of knowledge. Broadening the concept of welfare beyond physical health and functioning, affective state, and “natural” behaviors to include something like cultural autonomy has significant ramifications for animal welfare practice and policy. It also raises the question of preserving diverse animal cultures and respecting animal cultural heritage, including recognizing the significant differences between captive and wild animal cultures. Finally, animal culture should lead us to re-evaluate the kinds of information scientists can gain from studying captive animals." -

27-28 April 2022: Postgraduate research in Geography: challenges and encounters in and beyond the field

"The Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) Postgraduate Forum are pleased to announce plans for their Mid-term Conference, entitled Postgraduate research in Geography: challenges and encounters in and beyond the field. The Conference will be hosted online via Zoom across Wednesday 27th and Thursday 28th April, 2022." -

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